Gabe (Ava Jae) offers various editing packages for projects at any stage in the writing process, including custom packages for those whose needs don’t exactly match what’s listed on the website (people like, you know, me). His critiques are always kind but very thorough and on-point. He helped me with the plot and outline for In The Dark Of The Moon, and I plan on sending the full manuscript for a reader report when I’m done with it.

Creatively Carrie is the online home of Brooding YA Hero author Carrie Ann DiRisio. She offers a variety of services, including editing and consulting for social media and digital marketing. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, and I hereby recommend her to all you lovely people.

DIY MFA is a fabulous resource for those who don’t have the time or money to invest in a graduate degree. Creator Gabriela Pereira has crafted not only a wonderful book but workshops, starter packages, and a website packed with useful content.

Ashley Lauren Rodgers is a playwright and trans activist. She offers workshops, consultations, and speaking engagements on topics including “transgender issues, writing, feminist issues, the evolution of gender in theatre, gender representation in popular culture (TV, Movies, comic books etc), gender representation in science fiction, trans issues in the Victorian era, and many others.” I hired her for sensitivity reading, and her input was invaluable.

People And Projects

Eleni Gage is a Greek American novelist and the author of one of my favorite travel memoirs, North Of Ithaka.

Fterota Logia is an up and coming literary journal devoted to YA and staffed by some fabulous folks, including yours truly and the wonderful Effie Sapuridis, who edited my first collection.

Seven Deadly Sins is a series of YA anthologies run by Katie Stephens. My work appeared in the Envy and Avarice editions, and I was in very good company.

Timeless Tales Magazine is an online literary magazine that features retellings of myths and fairy tales. The online magazine is free, but paying subscribers get access to some very excellent narrations of the stories.