Roundup: December 2017

Not a ton happened this month. I've been slowly--so slowly--plugging away at Dark and brushing up some old material for submission. The holidays ate up a lot of time I thought I'd have to write. But I did get in a good binge read of The Knowing, which I've actually had for months but was afraid to read because its companion book, The Forgetting,  emotionally wrecked me. I would highly recommend both, but The Knowing is definitely the less stressful/suspenseful read. Take that as you will. 

In the spirit of positive thinking, some good things that happened this month: 

-My man and I bought the tickets for our summer vacation/research trip to Greece this summer. Apparently we got them just in time, because the prices nearly doubled like two weeks later. 

-I got replacement sets for my Song of the Lioness and The Immortals quartets for Christmas. I'd had my old copies since I was maybe twelve and read them literally to pieces. 

-I had a couple of writer dates with a friend I made at a writing workshop. 

-I received a request for my full manuscript from an agent that I'd completely forgotten submitting to in the first place. 

So, yeah, kind of a slow month but a good month nonetheless. I can't wait to see what 2018 brings!