Roundup: September

Once again I’m late. I had exciting news to share, but I was greedy and hoping for even more exciting news, so I waited. Alas, what I hoped did not come to pass, but I’m still left with my original exciting news!

1) Under The Willow Root was shortlisted for a Watty Award over on Wattpad. I didn’t win, but it’s still pretty cool to be on the shortlist and in the top .07% of stories on Wattpad.

2) AKA ** The Really Exciting News ** In the new year, I will be releasing a bilingual collection of short stories inspired by Greek mythology, folklore, and history. Release date is set tentatively for January 1st, but we’ll see how things progress. The stories that haven’t already been published are with the editor, and then they’re off to my fabulous translator, Nikos Karellis.

Drumroll please…