Roundup: October and November

Someday someone besides me will read these posts, I’m sure. Actually, I’m not. Like, at all. But I’m going to write them anyway, just in case.

Book News:

Roots: I have all my stories edited and translated and together in one document that was SUPPOSED to be, like, easy peasy copy and paste and voila it’s a book. That’s not what happened though it was a template of lies. I will figure it out eventually—this one I am actually sure of—but in the meantime it’s a big fat pain in my ass.

Thorns: Did I mention in my last post that there’s actually going to be not one but TWO short story collections? No? Maybe? Who cares. I wanted to do an English only collection to widen my audience. This one includes all the stories in Roots but another five or six on top of that. The title (as planned) is The Fruit Of Our Thorns, and the theme is strong girls and women who aren’t out there swinging a sword. It’s a bit more YA overall, I think, and it’s got a wider range of content. I’m pretty excited about it, but I’m still plugging away at revisions…and one story yet to write that I’v been fighting with for weeks. That too will get done.

Me News: Not much to report here. Rocking the whole back to school thing but oh my god am I ready for the semester to be over.