Roundup: January 2018

Me News:

The new year brought a few new things, all good. First was a new apartment. This one was a surprise because our apartment complex had told us that there was nothing available until March, but suddenly when we called to bug them about it on January 2nd (we were desperate to escape the hot Jumanji mess that was our upstairs neighbor situation) there was a beautiful loft available to move in "like, tomorrow, if you want." So, my SO being the proactive sort, that's what we did. We went from comfortably settled, not a thing packed, on Tuesday to living in a new apartment on Friday. And we did it without killing each other.

My writing routine has flipped a bit with the SO's new schedule working nights like me. I think I like writing at night better, though it's hard to say. But I definitely do like our joint resolution to go back to the gym. I was getting by with mostly-daily Pilates, but I think the absence of real weight lifting and my fear of becoming the Asshole Upstairs Neighbor myself was weakening key muscle groups, as evidenced by my perpetually aching knee and the trip to urgent care for horrendous muscle spasms in my back. 

The biggest new thing, though, is my very-nearly-firm decision to go back to school in the fall. As much as I love tutoring, it doesn't pay quite enough to get ahead and becoming a published author with actual revenue could take years. I've looked around periodically for another job, but everything that pays more than what I make now (which, honestly is pretty decent, considering) requires another degree. So it's back to school for me. I'm not going to get into what I'm going to school for, at least not yet. Maybe next month it'll be real enough and definitely a thing that's happening. I'm pretty excited though.

Publication news:

"Muddy" was published at Flash Fiction Magazine. You can read it here.

My spin on the legend of Tam Lin, "True Love Scars," will be published in Seven Deadly Sins: A YA Anthology (Avarice) sometime in April (probably). More info on this soon. 

"The Spider And The Honey Bee" is scheduled to go live at Fterota Logia sometime next week.

Patreon News: 

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