Roundup: March and April

Me News:

So remember how I said I was studying for the CLEP exam and that I needed to relearn things like matrices and logarithmic equations? Well...I didn't. Or I did, but only kind of, and not very diligently. I learned one or two things that actually did really come in handy, but the vast majority of items on my to-learn list kind of fell by the wayside. But it all worked out. After maybe a week of furious googling and YouTube-ing math videos, then about three weeks of 'ugh I still need to math today,' I basically went "Meh, whatever, it'll be fine" and took the exam a month earlier than I'd planned. And guess what?? I passed with mostly-flying colors! I think. I'm actually not sure what grade equates to a score of 70, but 50 is passing so it must be pretty ok, right? Take that, matrices!

I'm getting super excited for my upcoming research trip to Greece, though the projected budget is making me sweat a little, especially as the invoices for the summer and fall semester classes are coming in as well. And BOOKS. Egads, I forgot how expensive textbooks are! It's gonna be great, though. 

Publication News:

"True Love Scars" was published in Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology: Avarice which you can purchase here

Patreon News:

I've decided to put the Patreon campaign on hold for a while. As I continue to work through my draft of In The Dark Of The Moon, the readability of what I come up with has declined drastically. The more I write, the more I realize needs to change, and so I've been skipping things and using placeholders as well as writing as if certain changes have already been made. It's going to get pretty confusing, and I don't think people should be paying for my drafting gibberish. Maybe I'll restart it someday when I have an actual readership. Fingers crossed!