Roundup: May through August 2018

So I know I'm posting this in August but it's been a busy few months. Let's get started, shall we? 


May was pretty quiet aside from getting super excited about our trip to Greece. I got SO CLOSE to a completed first draft of In The Dark Of The Moon, but realized that too much needed to change that was going to affect how the story ended, so I went back to the drawing board and started working on a BEAST of an outline. 

I also decided to look into Occupational Therapy as well as Diagnostic Sonography for my future school and career plans, mostly as a contingency, but then decided it was at least of equal interest. 


Oh, June! Our trip to Greece was AMAZING. Amazeballsuperfantasticawesomeness. We ate delicious food, climbed mountains, rode horses, lounged on the beach, walked the River Acheron, visited family...sigh. Just thinking about it makes me ache to go back. 

It was also incredibly valuable from a writing standpoint, as I'd been a little iffy on where exactly in Greece the story was going to take place. I was originally thinking the setting would be the Acherontas region, but when we got there I realized that the landscape just wasn't going to work for Chrysa's story. Then we arrived in Zagori It was PERFECT. Deep, green, lush ravines, caves, cliffs, bare and grassy alpine regions, rolling mists. Excellently mystical. Observe, if you will:



In July I started my first class, an accelerated Anatomy and Physiology course. I'm SO glad I didn't know what I was getting into. I might not have had the guts to do it, otherwise. I knew it was going to be hard, but I've never experienced anything like this. The amount of information we had to memorize in such a short amount of time was ridiculous. I prevailed, however, and was able to spend something like 20 hours a week studying thanks to my flexible work schedule and super supportive partner. And, as intense as it was, I still really enjoyed it. It felt really good to be a student again and feel that sense of accomplishment that comes with kicking some academic butt. 


I came out of A & P with the highest grade in the class (an A-), exhausted but jubilant, both at my accomplishment and the prospect of getting a puppy. The adoption process was...interesting. (And by that I mean super stressful and often infuriating). I'm sure it would have been a lot more relaxed if I had been adopting an adult dog, but I wanted a puppy pretty badly. So I had to put up with a TON of applications and interviews with people whose job seemed to be to give applicants a hard time about wanting to adopt a puppy. Which is probably a good thing, since many people really don't know what they're getting into with a puppy, but my Anxiety Goblins had a field day with it all ("You've considered all this already and made a decision, we know--but are you SURE you're ready for this? Maybe they're right--maybe you can't handle it--better NOT SLEEP FOR THREE DAYS.") But finally we met Skye and fell in love, and, luckily for us, she's a complete joy. We've only had her about a week and she's already learning to sit, lie down, stay, and come. I have no doubt that she's going to keep us on our toes for the next several months--read that years--but we're so, so happy to have her in our family!

On the writing front, progress has been slow but mostly steady. I got some professional feedback on my outline for In The Dark Of The Moon as well as feedback from my wonderful CP, Jessica Bywater, and finally got it to the point that I couldn't procrastinate any longer. I just finished writing the first scene--and, frankly, I hate it. But, as we all know, THE FIRST DRAFT DOESN'T HAVE TO SOUND GOOD. Right? Right. I will save the obsessing for revisions and editing. 

In the meantime, I submitted A Garden Of Light and Shadows to Pitch Wars one more time. We'll see if we get any bites this year!