The Roses Are Here!

I’m so excited to announce that The Fruit Of Our Thorns is now available for purchase in both digital and print formats!

“Roses are full of contradictions: petals and thorns, delicacy and danger, passion and purity. The rose is complex, enduring - and, above all, resilient. Protected by its thorns and supported by strong roots, the rose flourishes in gardens and wild mountainsides alike.

THE FRUIT OF OUR THORNS celebrates girls and women, who, like the rose, are full of seeming paradoxes. They are fierce, sweet, wild, and gentle. They can be cruel, and they can be kind. They can fall in love with boys or girls or not at all, defy goddesses and outwit kings...but also make mistakes, suffer, and grieve. Join them in this collection of tales, and remember what the poet Rumi knew to be true: The rose’s truest essence lives in the thorn.”

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