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The Roots Of Our Magic

A bilingual (Greek/English) collection of short stories inspired by Greek history, folklore, and mythology. Stay tuned!


In the Dark of the Moon

Heavily influenced by modern Greek folklore, Dark is my primary work in progress and a true labor of love. When Greece is featured in fantasy novels, the theme is almost always classical Greek mythology. That's not what you'll find here. Although echoes of the ancient gods and goddesses remain, modern Greek folklore bears a much stronger resemblance to the Faerie stories of Ireland or the Slavic tales of Rusalki and Vodianoi. Dark follows Chrysa Markou, a Greek ex-patriot who returns to Greece as a teenager and finds that there is more to her mountain village than meets the eye.


The Gatekeepers

This one is next in line after Dark, and I can't wait to get back to it. The story grew from a tiny seedling of a thought: what would a YA Fantasy story look like if the main character's parents were neither dead nor clueless? Ember Beaumont must navigate her "reluctant chosen one" story line, complete with romance and intrigue...with her parents in tow.


A Garden of Light and Shadows

Garden is my first original novel, and I'm very happy to report that the full manuscript is currently in the hands of several agents, awaiting review. The story follows Sasha, a young dancer who finds herself trapped in Kingsgarden, the glittering but dangerous world of her nightmares. As she fights to free herself from a magical enslavement, Sasha relies on ballet to hold onto her memories and humanity.